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Image of Crystal's Cravings logo.

Crystal’s Cravings began nearly 10 years ago as a vision without a name. After giving birth to my son, I was overwhelmed by the challenges of becoming a new mom. I was desperate to find a way to overcome my postpartum depression so I tried my best to find ways to reconnect with the things or even the memories that brought me joy. I was raised by my maternal grandparents, so as I nurtured and cared for my newborn, I found myself reminiscing about my time helping both my maternal and paternal grandmothers in their kitchens baking pies, cakes, homemade yeast rolls –and whatever else the family was craving. I instantly felt joy and the love of my grandmothers as I savored those memories.  It was from that feeling that I decided to bake my first peach cobbler in 2013. Eventually friends and family would try it. Shortly after, I was encouraged to share my peach cobbler with the world. Witnessing or hearing about the reactions of those who have tasted the delicious, delectable goodness of my homemade, gourmet desserts or meals instantly brings back the joy I felt as a little girl helping my grandmothers cook and bake in the kitchen. 

The Story Behind
The Name

The gratification and joy I have felt since that moment in 2013 has been life-changing. My son would grow to become my biggest fan and would constantly say to me, “Mommy, you should open a peach cobbler store.” Years later in 2021, I dreamt of the name, Crystal’s Cravings. I woke up and realized this was all destined to become a reality. The vision finally had a name. With the ingredients of persistence, resilience, a leap of faith, and an abundance of love and support whisked together, Crystal’s Cravings is now open for business.   

Image by Nathan Dumlao
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